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Audio Drop outs

Have read with interest this thread, as I am having the same problem with my VIP1226 out here in Saskatchewan,, hooked up to Sasktel Max.

I read my TV instruction Manual and it said the issue might be with the new 1.4 HDMI and the old version 1 which these "OLD" boxes still use.

Interestingly thou the audio is good on all the standard defenition channels.

After calling tech support here in Saskatchewan, they told me that have been having this issue with all the motarola boxes on which people try to use the HDMI cable,, that is to say the frequent audio dropouts, on the HD channels

I did update the firmware on my new TV and that has made the audio problems even worse today. Sasktel says they are doing a firmware update on the STB's next week to see if that will help with the audio problems as well, so we'll wait and see i guess... in the mean time, back to that 5 bundle component and audio cable :(
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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