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Audio Dropouts

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I'm trying to reach out again on this ongoing issue that I have - with audio dropouts.

I'm running my Bell Fibe (the old Bell Entertainment VIP 1216) receiver via HDMI to a receiver. I often get audioi 'dropouts' where the audio will blip for one second. If i use the replay feature and skip back 7 seconds, the audio doesn't drop out again at the same time, but it does continue none the less at other points while watching TV. I've got a 2 year old Denon 890 reciever, so it's not exactly 'cheap', and sometimes the cause of audio 'pops' when using cheaper audio receivers.

I just called Bell, and they advised that it was a known issue with the model of receiver I do have - being the Motrola VIP 1216 which is what was issued while they had the Bell Entertianment system in place over a year ago. They advised me on the phone that the newer model - the Motrola VIP 1232 did not have this issue, and that I'd have to purchase or rent a new model.

I'm fine if that is indeed the solution, but I'd like to hear from other fellow Digital Home members if they do or do not experience the audio dropout issue with the new model of receiver Bell is using - the Motorola VIP 1232. I thought the VIP 1216 and VIP 1232 shared the same guts with the exception of the Hard Drive size.

If I get the concensus that the new receiver does not exhibit issues like I have, then I can justify a bit more getting the new model. I just don't want to go and buy a $500 receiver and continue to have the exact same issues.

Any info from you guys out there would be appreciated! Thanks. Scott
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It's not the receiver exactly, it's the compatiability of the versions of the HDMI specification. Try updating the software on your Denon. That should fix it. I read a great deal about this on the ATT forums in the US. Updating the software helps for most people.
I don't have the ability to update the sofotware/firmware on the Denon without taking it to a shop. There is indeed an update available, but it doesn't metion much about HDMI compatibility issues directly.

I know Bell is supposed to be releasing MediaRoojm 2.0 for it's hardware in the next several months (before end of summer or so), so I don't know if that would be what to wait for.

The thing about it too - is that I can replicate the issue using Component / Optical cable as well - bypassing HDMI.
I've been having the audio dropouts over HDMI on my VIP1216 pretty much since the beginning. The problem is particularly bad when using digital audio (the "Surround Sound" setting) and an HDMI connection, although it also occurs over an optical connection and with normal "Stereo" audio, although less frequently in both cases.

I was never quite sure that my AV receiver (HK AVR-354) wasn't part of the problem until last weekend when the receiver died on me and I hooked the 1216 directly into my TV and ended up having the same problem. My replacement receiver (HK AVR-3600) also exhibited the same issues, so I finally decided to call Bell and have the STB replaced.

I also had an older silver 1200 in the bedroom from about two years ago as well which wasn't putting out any audio over HDMI -- I had to use a standard analog RCA cable to connect to my TV. I asked Bell to replace that one at the same time as well. I have a newer black 1200 in my daughter's room that has never had any issues whatsoever since it was installed last fall -- at the time the tech who was installing it indicated that the black 1200's are slightly newer and "more stable" than the original silver ones.

Apparently Bell isn't even stocking the 1216's anymore -- warranty and rental unit replacements are all 1232's. Since having the 1232 and new 1200 installed a couple of days ago, I've had absolutely no audio problems, even over a pure HDMI connection. By comparison the 1216 was consistently cutting out audio three or four times per hour when using digital audio over HDMI.

I'd definitely recommend getting your 1216 swapped out for the 1232. As an added bonus, the newer unit also has twice the hard drive space. Unless you actually bought the 1216, Bell should replace it for free under warranty. Mine was transferred to my ownership when I switched from BES to FibeTV, but the warranty on the 1216 was good until June, so I figured it was a good time to have it replaced. If you simply report the problem and ask for a replacement you should get a 1232, as several techs both on the phone and in person have told me flat out that Bell doesn't even have any 1216s on hand anymore as they can't be bothered keeping them around.
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That's great to hear! Thank you very much for the info jhollington!

I'm definitely going to call Bell back and request that they replace the unit as it's still under warranty until approximately June / July of this year.

The tech I spoke to suggested that I would simply get a replacement VIP 1216, and would continue to have the same issues - but I'm not sure if that was just a 'tactic' they used to essentially save themselves some coin.

I'll definitely be calling them back and being a little more forcefull with the fact that I'd like the issue resolved properly - wheter it be a replacement of same model, or a new model. The issue should not be present and I'm not willing to shell out $500 for a new receiver.

Thanks again for the great info! It's just what I wanted to hear from someone.
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HDMI and Audio problems

Just got Fibe tv today installed. I had the same issues with my audio using hdmi. But I found the solution. My av receiver is a Pioneer Elite VSX-91TXH. What I did is to setup the av receiver as auto surround and bingo it did the trick. So I am fairly certain that you have to setup your av receiver so that your Motorola VIP1232 gives you Dolby digital. You will have to look into your different types of av receivers to find that setting.
Got Fibe TV installed 2011-05-21 and I have the same sound clipping issues. What I did was to change the power up sequence with my Harmony One to power my AVR-891 first, then Bell and finally my TV. I can't say the problem is gone but it s almost gone.

FYI I'm 100% HDMi
That's neat - you've got an almost identical setup to me WRT the receiver and remote. I'm using the AVR-890 with Harmony One too. I'll try the power up sequence a bit differently too to see if that helps.

I do notice however, that some nights (when I do most of my TV watching), the sound is just fine, and other nights, it's brutal. Sometimes I can go hours where it's fine, then it starts all of a sudden.

I'm hoping a firmware update will fix this issue - if and when Bell updates them :rolleyes:
The problem lies with Bell PVR which has some firware problems when using the HDMI. I called Denon and they told me there is no issue with HDMI, I have the 1910 avr never had any problems with Videotron with HDMI, Now I get frozen images and sound with VIP1232.

Bell needs to correct this problem, its not acceptable with a new system better than Videotron and have problem with the HDMI.

When the service man came to install Fibetv, he told me to use the component wires, I told him to put them away cause it should be installed with HDMI. Then he told me the story about the HDMI. So don't waste time with your AVR, its bell system.
Small audio cut outs?

Do any of you experience 1 second audio drops with your fibe pvr? im using toslink and mabye once ever 2-3 mins ill get a 1 second cut out of the sound.
i dont know if it was just the show i was watching, but it was very noticible enough for me to get on here and search...
Oops thanks for the move, I should have searched harder

FYI, I'm using hdmi video, and optical ffrom pvr to receiver for audio on the 1232 pvr, and am getting the drop outs. Ill try switchinhg to component and see if that helps
Audio Drop outs

Have read with interest this thread, as I am having the same problem with my VIP1226 out here in Saskatchewan,, hooked up to Sasktel Max.

I read my TV instruction Manual and it said the issue might be with the new 1.4 HDMI and the old version 1 which these "OLD" boxes still use.

Interestingly thou the audio is good on all the standard defenition channels.

After calling tech support here in Saskatchewan, they told me that have been having this issue with all the motarola boxes on which people try to use the HDMI cable,, that is to say the frequent audio dropouts, on the HD channels

I did update the firmware on my new TV and that has made the audio problems even worse today. Sasktel says they are doing a firmware update on the STB's next week to see if that will help with the audio problems as well, so we'll wait and see i guess... in the mean time, back to that 5 bundle component and audio cable :(
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