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Audio Design Associates (ADA)/rack question

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I recently picked up some used stereo equipment made by Audio Design Associates. I have an ADA Cinema Rhapsody Mach I, ADA 5.1 to 6.1, and a PTM-6150 amp (with a second PTM-6150 on the way). Although it is older gear I am hoping the sound quality should great improve over my HK AVR 525 that it is replacing.

I have a Lovan rack (triangular) but I don't believe it will handle these units due to their length. I managed to pick up a used enclosed 19 inch telecom rack (tall metal unit (7ft) with a glass door front and metal door rear). I am wondering/worried about vibrations and may dynamat the inside.

Room: I have a 26ft *28ft room that has a snooker table on one side (6ft&12ft) and the other side of the room is the home theatre area. I have just had to had to rejig the room for the second time this year (my poor wife) as the home theatre 16:9 135" fixed frame screen I just bought was larger than describe over the phone (they forgot to include the outer edging when they gave the length of the screen).

My questions are:

1. Is anyone familiar with the ADA gear? How noisy are the fans on these amps. (wondering how far away they need to be from the listeners) Do you have any suggestions on setting up the equipment?

2. Is there anyone running rack mountable stereo equipment and how are you setup for cooling.

I would love to put the equipment in another room but the closest room is the kitchen and I like living so I won't suggest that. The other problem is I still have to have the equipment close enough to feed the front projector.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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