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Good idea, but making it practical is a problem. I've worked at cable & sat co headends where they use a dedicated antenna and filter for each channel. That's expensive stuff.
Building that into your consumer TV or tuner, would put them out of the price range for consumers.
The problem stems from RF being an analog signal. even if it's carrying a digital signal, electromagnetic waves are analog. And to select a certain frequency range, you have to tune to that frequency, using analog filters. All this can and is digitally controlled in todays tuners, but you still have to select the analog carrier to find the digital information within.
A better idea might be to shut down analog transmission, yeah, they're working on that. We'll still be left with co-channel or adjacant channel interference (an analog problem) but not as bad as before.
And all this comes from the original ATSC premise, that it had to work alongside NTSC, providing a time for transition.
A better concept might have used a different band altogether.
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