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That is interesting.

ATOP used to provide TV Service to several Buildings within the GTA, via an Analog Head End arrangement, using FTA, Shaw Direct and Bell TV Receivers.

They had at least 2 of these Head Ends that I am aware of, one in a building on Richview and one on Wynford Heights, there could have been a third on Panorama Court.

They were a totally separate overlay in all the buildings, meaning, they did NOT use any of the existing Rogers infrastructure. It meant that the Customers had a choice of Rogers and ATOP services, they could choose BOTH if they wanted as in-suite were 2 outlets, one ATOP, one Rogers.

To the best of my information, this ATOP offering was bought out be Bell, at least 2 or more years ago and ran untouched for quite some time. Then about 18 onths ago, the ATOP customers were informed that the service was to end and were just left with Rogers as the Service Provider in the buildings.

Bell TV, then came along and removed all the ATOP equipment from the Panels etc and used them for a Stcked sytem, that was installed in all the buildings.

I was under the impression, that ATOP had gone, bought out by Bell, maybe this is not the case and they are about to try something new around the GTA.

I believe the ATOP organisation was run from Montreal but I could be wrong.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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