ATN, a Canadian broadcasting company specializing in Asian television channels for the Canadian market, announced this week it will soon launch a second television channel dedicated to cricket.

'Cricket Plus', the broadcasters first channel dedicated to the sport of cricket, launched in Canada in 2007.

The new channel in Canada will be known as ATN-Neo Cricket and will carry programming from India's Neo Cricket. NEO Cricket is the top sports channel in India where it reaches 65 million homes.

Programming on ATN-Neo Cricket will include test cricket, ODI events and 20/20 with international participation by Australia, New Zealand, England, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangla Desh, Pakistan and India in addition to Asia Cup. Also included is domestic cricket tournaments played in India between September and March every year for various exciting series including Ranji Trophy, Z.R.Irani Trophy, Challenger Trophy, Deodhar Trophy and Duleep Trophy in accordance with schedules approved by BCCI

"The sun never sets on the commonwealth of cricket and ATN would like to bring first rate cricket shown on India's number one Neo Cricket Sports Channel to our viewers who extend beyond the commonwealth diasporas now settled in Canada and include all the cricket devotees from all walks of life", said Dr. Shan Chandrasekar, President and CEO of ATN.

While relatively unknown in Canada, the sport of Cricket is now said to be the the world's second most popular sport after Association football (commonly known as football or soccer). The sport's greatest popularity is in the Test playing countries which includes: Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. The sport is governed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) which has 104 member countries.

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