Today, Sugar Mobile, a brand of Ice Wireless, a facilities-based mobile network operator in Canada's North, announced the launch of the Sugar App , an application that saves Canadian consumers money by seamlessly moving from costly mobile networks to free WiFi, much like how a hybrid car switches from gasoline to electricity.

"This is a made-in-Canada communication tool using today's technology to offer Canadian consumers price relief from those hefty wireless phone bills," says Samer Bishay, President of Sugar Mobile. “…most people use their mobile devices while in areas with free ubiquitous WiFi; in coffee shops, schools, offices, at home and elsewhere,” Bishay continues. “And when they move out of WiFi range, the Sugar Mobile app seamlessly transfers users to Tier 1 quality mobile networks for talking, texting and surfing.”

The service, operating with a Sugar SIM card, is available for $19 a month, and replaces customers' existing monthly bills.

The proprietary app, built in partnership between Sugar, Ice Wireless and their parent company Iristel Inc., is an Over-the-top (OTT) product for smart phones just as NetFlix is OTT content for television.

Unlike other popular talk and text apps like Skype, WhatsApp and Viber, Sugar customers can keep their existing phone number or pick a new number from a different area code in Canada, when they sign up for the service.

To help familiarize potential subscribers with the service, Sugar has introduced a full-featured, 21-day trial entitled 'Sugar Free'. The trial does not include a SIM card, and is limited to WiFi use only. It provides users with a telephone number and a free app download.

Sugar Mobile benefits include:
  • Pay in advance, no contracts, no strings attached;
  • Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk & Text when connected to WiFi
  • When out of WiFi range, customers can talk up to 650 minutes, or send 25,000 texts or surf up to 200MB per month, anywhere in Canada and the U.S. without incurring roaming fees;
  • Unused non-WiFi data is rolled over to the next month. So, if you have 50MB remaining, your next 30 days will include 250MB (50MB + 200MB);
  • The Sugar SIM card works on all unlocked Apple and Android smart phones. It's a 3-in-1 design and supports Standard, Micro, and Nano SIM sizes;
  • Customers can use the Sugar App in all countries through WiFi. Non-WiFi data and talk will soon be available in Mexico and some European countries.

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