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@rsambuca: Source?

I've been keeping an eye out for the Transformer as far as release date and price both here and in the US to get as my gift to the wife instead of the Iconia Tab but have been unsuccessful over the last week. The best I've found is an estimated MSRP of $399 USD and a late April release but no definites and no info for Canada.
Where do you buy an ASUS EeePad Tranformer? And when can you buy an ASUS EeePad Transformer?

First off, the 16GB*version will run you $399. The 32GB version costs $499. And the optional keyboard dock is another $150.

You can pick up the ASUS EeePad Transformer starting April 26 at the following locations:

In Canada, you can purchase an ASUS EeePad Transformer at:

Canada Computers
Memory Express
Staples CA

I asked at Visions today and the salesman said they should get them in the first week of May.
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Asus has been releasing info on the Transformer on their facebook page. The info Hilman posted looks correct.
I was looking to get a Xoom to replace my iPad but this ASUS looks like the winner!
I believe will sell it as well. They had a pre-order page up a while ago.
Update: It's on for $399 now. Though it's already out of stock
Been reading a few stories today that it sold out very quickly though heavy demand or light stock wasn't determined as the cause.
Definately light stock. Out of the 5 retailers on Asus official list I tried em all.

  • Staples had 20 nationwide (according to their internal database c/o a phone call to a retail store and corroborated by a seperate call to their warehouse, unknown ETA on restock)
  • Visions website is offline
  • Memory Express never listed it
  • Canada Computers finally listed it with no stock (unknown what they had)
  • NCIX only ever listed >10 in their BC warehouse and 5 in their Ontario warehouse with a couple negatives in their BC locations, presumably pre-orders (their check system is now down for that SKU)

I ended up ordering from NCIX while they still listed some stock but am not hopeful as they hadn't yet finished processing my order when they were down to 3 left and then removed the check system. I wanted it for Friday, so if that fell through I will miss that date, probably cancel the order and get it from instead and ship it to a friend coming up from the US in early May.
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I was trying to get one this morning too, but was a little too late. I am not sure why you couldn't find it, but Memory Express definitely had it on their website, and they still do (out of stock now, obviously). The guy I talked to said I missed it by about 2 minutes! Oh well, looks like I'll have to let the dust settle and grab one from the next batch.

When I called staples, the guy indicated that according to the system, the transformer will be an online item only, and that they should be getting another batch "in a couple of days". Not sure I believe that one!

I have an account at MemExpr, so I will probably just put my name on the waiting list and they will hold one from the next batch for me. I noticed that the 32G model is available for pre-order too.
Memory Express is now showing up for me as a backorder item but most definately was not showing up at all earlier. The in-store Staples guy I talked to said it is an online only as well but was able to check the warehouse stock as of midnight which showed 20 available. My second call to warehouse confirmed the number as of midnight but said that they were all gone now (as of 9:15am), put me on hold for a few minutes to call their distributor and then let me know that there is no current ETA for restock and to just keep on checking the website around midnight as that is when the warehouse updates stock.
I'm in the market for a new netbook so I might be interested. Of course I need the optional keyboard.

Way too big for a tablet(for me anyway) but a nice netbook size.
On pre-order. But the price is nice considering the expected street price of $150.
Any Transformers out there yet?

Just wondering if any memebers have one of these tablets yet? I haven't seen anyone post that they have one. Perhaps the numbers available were too low for people to actually get their hands on one? It would be nice to hear some first hand feedback about this new device.
Received a call from MemExpress this afternoon to inform me that they received a new shipment of eee pads. I picked one up! Technically I bought this as a gift for my wife, so I will have to let her use it for a bit before I abscond it. I'll let you know my thoughts on it in a few days.
Ordered one

Since I can't find one in my area and none of the stores even know when they will be getting stock I went ahead and ordered one through Amazon last night. Again it's on back order with no ETA but they did say they would email me when they could determine an expected delivery date.
Well, after the first night with one of these I can't say if it is any good or not - I can't seem to pry it out of my wife's hands!! She obviously likes it so far. I few quick things I did notice in the short time I had with it:

- the screen really is fantastic. IPS display is sharp - colours are very accurate, viewing angles are excellent.

- responsiveness is also very good - I was expecting some 'lagginess' based on some of the reviews I had read, but I didn't notice any lag.

Other than that, all I know is angry birds works, as does Word Feud :D
Looks like the original ad was not a Best Buy one; Memory Express is now running the same ad on their homepage.

Of course, it doesn't really help to run the ad if the darn thing is backordered or listed as "preorder" on their site. :(
I received an email today from Amazon and I got excited thinking they were going to give me a delivery date estimate however it was simply a suggestion based on my purchase of the EEE pad that I should also order the keyboard dock. Sort of annoying but I guess you can't blame them for trying.
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