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While I know it's silly to discuss anything Apple with you James, there's no computer involved.

You plug the sd card into the connector and xfer the pictures across.
It does both regular and raw images. You can also put other media on the sd cards and view it.
I rather not have to pay an extra $30 and carry around extraneous things around, its 2011 and there is no need for this.
Well, the image I saw had the camera physically connected to the tablet.
The camera connector kit has two connectors in it.

A USB connector and a dedicated SD connector.

As to carrying around an extra connector, I'd rather have a stronger cleaner unit than have a slot that I don't use most of the time. I've used the SD slot on my MBP twice I think. It's a bag about the size of a CF card with both connectors, I put it in my camera bag and forget about it.
I'd rather have a built-in SD slot that can also act like expanded memory where you can access and transfer all types of files.
Seems to me all a tablet should need is a SDHC memory slot, a couple of USB3 ports and Wi-Fi. Want to add a keyboard, camera, mouse, speakers, headphone, microphone, etc? Just use Bluetooth. Charge with the USB3 ports. Expand with the memory slot. The charging stand could extend the USB3 ports for disk storage, etc.

Flip-pads have been around for years. IIRC, ASUS was one of the first to make such a product. All they have done with this product is make it detachable. Good idea though. If I was to buy anything along these lines, it would be a flip-pad. IMHO, iPads are too restricted by Apple.
Everything has SD slots nowadays, even printers, why is Apple so hesitant?
Content and application control. Apple does not want consumers to have the ability to do anything with iP*ds that they don't control.
Content and application control. Apple does not want consumers to have the ability to do anything with iP*ds that they don't control.
Or you know...the design issues with being forced to add internal components to the device which would allow you to insert an SD card compromises something else in the design that they consider more valuable.

If SD(or any removable media) is so important then why doesn't Honeycomb support it at launch?
If SD(or any removable media) is so important then why doesn't Honeycomb support it at launch?
Because it is still early days for Android 3.0. The revised user interface and actually functioning took priority.
The lack of an SD slot also makes higher capacity versions that much more salable.

It looks like Google didn't plan on having SD card support for Honeycomb initially. But has since changed its mind. And I'm glad they did.
I think Apple is thinking bigger than USB/SD. Reports are out today that Apple has acquired 12PB (yes, petabytes...12 000 000 TB!) of storage for their new secretive data center and plan to make their MobileMe service free in a matter of weeks.

That could allow them to solve the storage/media problem with iDisk without compromising their form factor.
Apple is taking the file system concept and abstracting it away. I have no idea where the files for each particular app are stored nor do I particularly care. All I know that the file is stored locally or in the cloud. It's kind of a relief not getting calls that go, "I can't find where I saved my what have you. Can you help?"
cloud is nice, but if you're not in wifi/3g range, or don't want to pay for the bandwidth, it's useless

removable storage is a nice advantage for everyone else
I agree, plus some files/information may not want to be kept on a server/cloud. The consumer should have either option open to them. Don't think that they won't charge for cloud storage either.
Asus eeePad Transformer

My final choice will most likely stop on a tablet with USB ports. From what I read so far neither the ACER or SAMSUNG 10.1" tablets are equiped with USB ports.:rolleyes:

I want the advantage of Mobility that you get from 3G Tablets but without paying the extra $150 that comes with the SIM entry. So a tablet equiped with USB ports will allow me to connect a Mobility stick like I would on a laptop, notebook or netbook. I would be surprised if no one else had this idea...:confused:

And with a USB port you can plug a portable hard-drive to your tablet. So you can download tons of material on it and bring it over when you go onl long drives or trips.:cool:
Just as a point. Just because something has USB ports doesn't mean any usb device will work with it.
it looks pretty good actually

be nice to play with one
Asus just announced that the eee Pad Transformer will be launched in the US and Canada next Tuesday. Because it seems to be the only tablet other than the iPad line that has an IPS display, I think I will be going in that direction instead of the Acer. Xoom is just overpriced for my needs (and it doesn't have an IPS display either).
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