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I wasn't aware of this ASUS product, seems interesting.
Yes it does. Especially at the (rumoured) $400 price point - without the keyboard.
Geez, I swear I've seen something like that somewhere before.

Oh yeah, it's called a laptop... Actually more like a netbook.

What they they think they invented?
It's a tablet that can also be a laptop/netbook. Netbooks/laptops can't be turned into tablets.

Also the Asus is more than a tablet with a BT keyboad. Those don't attach to the tablet like a netbook/laptop, they don't have USB ports like the Asus keyboard does, they don't have a touch-pad like the Asus keyboard does, nor do they give you up to 16 hrs of battery life.

People seem to be missing the point that the keyboard on the Asus is optional. You can just buy the tablet if you want. It's specs are similar to the Xoom's but at a much lower price.
And you would need a 16-hour battery when... ?

The iPad doesn't want to be a laptop. It doesn't need to be laptop. That's what laptops are for. Mind you, Asus sells laptops as well, doesn't it?

I have nothing against it, I just think their comparison with the iPad and the tape is little far fetched.
When do you need 10 hours of battery life? I'm sure if the iPad had 16 hours, people would be freaking out.

The Asus Transformer doesn't need to be a laptop either. It should work fine as just a tablet. But for when you want to use a real keyboard for typing, it has numerous advantages over a regular BT keyboard.
Numerous advantages, huh? I'm curious...
I've already listed the advantages
As far as I know, the iPad's keyboard & dock doesn't fold with the screen so you can carry it around like a laptop. It also doesn't extend the battery life of the iPad itself like the Asus keyboard does.

So that's four potentially very useful features it has over the iPad+keyboard.
I'd rather have a built-in SD slot that can also act like expanded memory where you can access and transfer all types of files.
The lack of an SD slot also makes higher capacity versions that much more salable.

It looks like Google didn't plan on having SD card support for Honeycomb initially. But has since changed its mind. And I'm glad they did.
I believe will sell it as well. They had a pre-order page up a while ago.
Update: It's on for $399 now. Though it's already out of stock
1 - 10 of 185 Posts
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