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If it's the camera connection kit it's like 30 and tax for a USB and SD connector.
While I know it's silly to discuss anything Apple with you James, there's no computer involved.

You plug the sd card into the connector and xfer the pictures across.
It does both regular and raw images. You can also put other media on the sd cards and view it.
The camera connector kit has two connectors in it.

A USB connector and a dedicated SD connector.

As to carrying around an extra connector, I'd rather have a stronger cleaner unit than have a slot that I don't use most of the time. I've used the SD slot on my MBP twice I think. It's a bag about the size of a CF card with both connectors, I put it in my camera bag and forget about it.
Content and application control. Apple does not want consumers to have the ability to do anything with iP*ds that they don't control.
Or you know...the design issues with being forced to add internal components to the device which would allow you to insert an SD card compromises something else in the design that they consider more valuable.

If SD(or any removable media) is so important then why doesn't Honeycomb support it at launch?
Just as a point. Just because something has USB ports doesn't mean any usb device will work with it.
1 - 5 of 185 Posts
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