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Up until this past Monday, the spam service (ASSP) included on my web-hosting provider's (CanadianWebHosting) cPanel was working fine. E-mail traffic coming into and going out of my domains (I'll call them and was working fine, spam was being blocked, etc.

Suddenly, and seemingly randomly, ASSP is blocking e-mails from friends, businesses and even ones I've sent to myself from my government e-mail account! Strangely, too, it's stopped a couple of e-mails from my and my wife's accounts from being sent out.

I've contacted my hosting provider, but they don't seem to have a clue about what to do other than "You could turn off your spam filtering."

I know this is a long shot but...any thoughts on what this could be, or how to go about resolving this?

Additional info:
- ASSP will let you add (via an e-mail) domains / e-mail address to a white list, but I would have to start trolling through my spam logs every couple of hours just to see who might've suddenly ended up in there, and not only is that labour-intensive, but I might also miss a blocked address.
- cPanel doesn't offer any customization of ASSP, so I can't tweak the settings to "relax" the scoring and blocking.

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