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Firstly, I just want to say hello to the users of Digital Home Forum. I'm from Burlington, Ontario and I have Bell TV.

Anyway, I was watching some French-Canadian HD channels I subscribed from Bell and noticed that they're using 'full-frame' widescreen (a.k.a 16:9 safe area), including the graphics and camera position, whereas some English-Canadian HD channels use 4:3 safe area when in widescreen. For example, the CBC used 4:3 safe area while Radio-Canada (which is the French version of the CBC) used the full-frame one (with the position and the graphics are not 4:3 safe). So why can't the French HD channels are not 4:3 safe instead of English HD channels?

But there's one more thing: on some French HD channels, widescreen programs are often letterboxed (with top and bottom bars) in SD version, even the programs originated in the United States (which dubbed in French). Why did they do that? The letterboxed programs look not a like a full picture to me.

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"They" do all kinds of things, depending on their equipment and who they think their audience is. Here's the FAQ on Black Bars:

The occasional HD channel will even stretch upconverted 4:3 SD to fill the 16:9 screen, which we purists who wish to see everything OAR, hate, because it's impossible to "undo" this sort of stretch on most TVs.

And here's a useful post - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization, etc:
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