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Area 51 for Antenna Modelers & Builders (See Post #1)

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This thread has been created strictly for Antenna Modelers and Builders who like to live not just on the leading edge but on the bleeding edge of antenna research and development.

Area 51 is for posting and discussion of any computer model of any experimental antenna by Antenna Modelers and Builders

Area 51 is not for casual builders or newcomers to ask questions or look for useable home antennas. Participants here are expected to fairly well "know their stuff".

If an antenna design is shown to be worthwhile for general public consumption we will move it out of Area 51 into the main Antenna Research & Development Forum.

Just remember what the ancient map makers wrote when they had no further info to illustrate: "Beyond here be dragons!"
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Can't wait to see some of those really whacked NEC files you guys keep hidden away... :D
Model naming convention

Great - I'm suggesting a model naming convention to prevent confusion if/when discussions overlap:

When you post a new model, name it X-[post number here] i.e. if your first post of it is #789 the model would thus be the X-789.

Does that sound reasonable?
At least this way the original post can be sourced right away... sort of like the old RG cable numbering scheme referred to pages in a book. :)
That's respectably flat gain and SWR on the X-011
Model Numbers in your posts please

Please put the model number into all of your posts either in the title or else just something like RE: X-008 at the top of the text area.

The reason is that we will definitely be getting overlapping discussions in here and I know from deep diving in old threads that it can get very confusing.

For the sake of humanity I beg you to save our future generations! You're our only hope. :D

How to upload your pics/images to this site

RamKat, can you try posting your images this way:
firimari, do a search for "corn crib" wire or mesh and you'll find the right stuff, but hopefully 10AWG. ;)
Walter Dnes said:
Is it worth posting it here, or is that rather weak for an antenna that size?
Absolutely its worth posting here. To paraphrase someone from somewhere sometime... more discoveries happen by asking "Why Not?" than "Why?"
Questions about X-032 and X-034

Xauto, that's a great photo for explaining how to build the frame and loom the wire. :) The over-under for separation is clever.

300ohm and firimari: I'm wondering if X-034 supercedes X-032 or would it be a variant?

All: is there any point to a double bay X-032 or X-034?
Any more comments on X-032?

Any more opinions on the state of X-032 (Post #137)?
neilkaz, can you post the NEC file for the X-150 to a file hosting site for our Area 51 folks to download and convert to 4nec2?
Reminder about Area 51

A reminder to everyone about Post #1.

Please do not direct people to this thread unless they are already known to be well versed in the design and/or build of antennas.

This is no place for beginners, and we make no apologies about that. :eek:

cheers :)
I've removed the broken thread and photo links but he meant X-165.
Post #186

It has happened again, so I've said it before in Post #186! :mad: Please do not direct new DIY builders to Area 51.

Many people are looking for plans, blueprints, step-by-step photos, and even videos to help them build the best DIY antenna they can create using known, verifiable designs. Directing any of these people to Area 51 as a first step is not helpful.

Direct them to the existing designs such as the M4 or GH. If those people try building a proven, existing design and experience difficulties, we will correct or adapt those existing designs to benefit everyone.

Area 51 antenna models require a significant amount of discussion and approval from Area 51 contributors before being moved out into the "mainstream". If you want to move one of the Area 51 designs out into the mainstream, post your request to Area 51.

Thank you.
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Well, the title does tell people to read Post #1, which was written to be scary. :)

When people wander in I've just directed them to a more suitable place, but in other threads people have been sent here to Area 51, which is not what was intended for this thread.

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X-165 NAROD "Top Hat" questions

So RamKat and Xauto, in simple terms:
  1. what is the chief benefit of the Top Hat design over a typical SBGH with NARODS?
  2. would the added complexity of building it make it worthwhile to typical builders?
RamKat said:
it does outperform the 6 reflector design with a more compact design - the smaller size helps if one has to get it into the attic for a better WAF
Okay we're starting to drill down into the "selling points" of the X-165 design in a way that's a bit plainer for me to grok. Please give me a yes/no to each, with a simple explanation:
  1. X-165 is a reflectorless design for bidirectionality (stations fore and aft)
  2. when reflectors are added the SBGH with NARODs still rules
  3. X-165 is more compact than an SBGH with NARODs
  4. X-165 has more linear reception across Channels 7-51 than a reflectorless SBGH with NARODs
  5. X-165 has more gain across Channels 7-51 than a reflectorless SBGH with NARODs
  6. the added build complexity of X-165 is not a show stopper
Sorry, when I moved an off topic post out of this thread X-256 became X-255, not that it really matters I suppose. :)
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