In some of the world’s most desolate and stunning locations, the damaging impact of human activity is evident; climate change is hitting the Arctic harder and faster than any other region on Earth.

Although the North may seem remote from the population centres of the world, this sensitive ecosystem is already under tremendous pressure from the build-up of carbon in our atmosphere.

This week, Discovery HD presents "Arctic Circle", a two-part documentary series co-produced by the National Film Board of Canada and NHK Japan takes a look at the impact man is having on the north.

In part one “On Thin Ice”, the show, shot entirely in high definition, chronicles the effects of climate change on Arctic land and animal inhabitants and meets an international team of scientists who are vividly demonstrating how global warming threatens the very existence of polar bears, seals and other creatures.

In part two, “Battle for the Pole”, the show looks at an international race to claim mineral resources below the Arctic seabed and the long term impact it could have on the Arctic environment and its inhabitants.

Part one and two of Arctic Circle airs on Discovery HD on April 21st and 28th at 7pm ET.

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