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According to TechCrunch Apple will pass on including LTE technology in the next iPhone model. Instead, they believe Apple will release a CDMA iPhone 4 in January followed by a dual-mode CDMA and HSPA iPhone in June 2011.

Apple simply doesn’t want to be the guinea pig on new LTE networks that aren’t ready for primetime, and Steve Jobs knows not to trust the hype that’s spewed by the carriers on 4G. The truth is that 3G networks have many more years of life, and the transition to LTE will be much slower than the carriers want you to believe (LTE doesn’t even have its voice standard fleshed out yet).
There is an awful lot of speculation in the article with little support, but a lot of it makes sense too.

Edit: There is an existing thread for the discussion of a CDMA iPhone here. Please use this thread to discuss the merits of an LTE iPhone
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