If you've got a reception problem with your iPhone 4 then the Apple support forum is probably not the place you want to go for answers.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) is reporting that Apple has now deleted discussion threads which talk about Consumer Reports recent decision to not recommend the iPhone 4 to its readers.

On Monday, Consumer Reports said it could not recommend the iPhone 4 for several reasons including the well publicized antenna problem which the magazine says is real. After a series of tests on multiple iPhones and under strict laboratory conditions, the magazine found the reception problems were hardware problem and not an optical illusion caused by faulty software as Apple had suggested.

After the news from Consumer Reports, discussion threads on Apple's Support forum popped pointing to the Consumer Reports’ article. Shortly thereafter the thread was removed in an apparent attempt by Apple to stifle any negative discussion about the iPhone 4.

TUAW says it’s certainly not the first time Apple has deleted discussion threads on topics which are unflattering to Apple's products. TUAW calls deleting negatives threads as standard operating procedure for Apple's discussion boards.

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