In 2014, Apple sold than 10 million iPhones in one weekend, but the iPhone 6 and 6s have now surpassed this mark with over 13 million in sales during their first weekend on the market.

What caused the boost? This year, China was included as a market, whereas last year some regulatory problems delayed access to the phones in China right at their debut.

FBR Capital Markets senior analyst Daniel Ives is ultra positive about the news.

“Demand out of China looks white-hot,” he says.

The sale of iPhones plays a role center-stage at Apple, evident in the fact that almost two-thirds of the company’s revenue came from the sale of the infamous phones last quarter.

According to Apple, the new iPhones will be available in more than 40 additional countries starting this October 9 th , reaching a total of over 130 countries worldwide, by the end of 2015.

Some of the top rated features of the new phones include the  12-megapixel cameras that take some of the best photos from a handset on the market, 3D Touch which allows the display to sense how hard your finger presses on the screen and gives you different functions for different pressures, and the option to turn your keyboard into a track pad.

Things to look out for: definitely WiFi Assist. This new feature allows your phone to use cellular data to assist a weak WiFi signal, but watch out! It’s on by default and can very easily send your phone bill skyrocketing.

Make sure to turn it off by following these steps:

1. Go to settings menu. Once there, tap on cellular
2. Once inside cellular, scroll all the way down to the bottom. Right beneath the apps list, you will see Wi-Fi Assist. It's enabled by default.
3. Flip the Wi-Fi Assist off.