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Honestly, one app gets turned down and the developer has to send an email to Steve Jobs demanding an explanation? Maybe Jobs wasn't interested in discussing hence the no interest reply.

The article says nothing about whether the app developers went through the appeal process etc.
I think people are misunderstanding the situation.

It isn't that Apple has rejected Tawkon's app.

Tawkon is requesting Apple to modify the iOS operating system. They want core features added to the OS that would support their app and allow it to work. (They've proven the concept in with a jailbroken iPhone OS, and apparently competitors smart phones have the necessary core support.)

In that context, Jobs is responding that Apple is not interested in adding the requested core feature to the OS.

Steve Jobs rejecting desireable features is hardly news, it's almost his trademark :)

And it's somewhat understandable why Apple wouldn't be that keen on taking unsolicited submissions for core operating system features. They use one line of code or even a conceptual idea, and a few years from now some guy is suing them for 2 trillion claiming his thing was integral to the profits from iPad generation 3 through 8.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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