Apple Pay is now available in Canada for American Express customers only, using the latest iPhone models. Customers can now tap to pay using an Apple mobile device.

The contactless payment service is only compatible with Apple devices with built-in wireless technology known as near-field communication, or NFC which includes the iPhone 6 and 6S models as well as the Apple Watch.

To use the tap payment system, users must upload their credit card data into their phone for use at supermarkets, corner stores, and big retailers.

Why just for American Express cardholders? According to a report on, Jennifer Bailey, Apple's vice-president for Apple Pay, said the company is starting with American Express in Canada and Australia because it's both the card issuer and the payment-network operator, so co-ordination is easier. Only American Express cards issued by Amex Bank of Canada can be activated for use with Apple Pay in Canada.

While restricted, the new mobile payment system is said to be compatible with 85% of the payment terminals from Moneris Solutions, Canada’s largest pay processor, with 350, 000 merchant locations across Canada.

Apple expects a gradual expansion in locations able to process Apple Pay payments in the next year, with small to medium-sized merchants.

A few months ago, Android phone users rejoiced as Google launched its own tap-and-pay service, Android Pay , and Samsung started Samsung Pay .

Apple Pay can also be used for in-app purchases.