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Apple Now World's Largest Tech Company

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Apple's market capitalization hit $222 billion on Wednesday, leaving it ahead of rival Microsoft as the largest technology company in the world when the closing bell rang on Wall Street.

The dethroning of Microsoft now makes Apple -- for now -- the second largest American company, behind only Exxon-Mobil. Apple has a ways to go to catch the oil giant, which has a market capitalization of nearly $280 billion

While market cap is but a single metric, it's an interesting factoid all the same...
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Since we're talking about market cap and not talking about computers, it is quite a role reversal for the two companies. Apple has the wind in their sails, while Microsoft... not so good.
Two companies that were rumoured as potential Apple buyers way back when: Sun Microsystems in the late 1990s and Nokia about 3 or 4 years ago. Either of them could have bought that company for pocket change back then, but of course the road of the future would almost certainly have been quite different that what Steve Jobs has accomplished.

Anyways, as far as The Street is thinking, Apple has the midas touch right now.
PokerChip said:
this story has a nice, poetic justice tone
Justice in another way too: add the de-fanging Microsoft has received over the last few years courtesy of the legal justice and regulatory systems worldwide and we are seeing that it is now a bit more possible for other tech companies like Apple to compete.
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