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Apple Now World's Largest Tech Company

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Apple's market capitalization hit $222 billion on Wednesday, leaving it ahead of rival Microsoft as the largest technology company in the world when the closing bell rang on Wall Street.

The dethroning of Microsoft now makes Apple -- for now -- the second largest American company, behind only Exxon-Mobil. Apple has a ways to go to catch the oil giant, which has a market capitalization of nearly $280 billion

While market cap is but a single metric, it's an interesting factoid all the same...
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Today, the "sheer power" of that 1997 era "high end" server can be found in the typical smartphone.

Like an iPhone. :)

While this is indeed a milestone, for how long can this new ranking be maintained?

Apple does have one clear advantage over Microsoft: diversity. Microsoft deals mostly with software for a single computing platform, along with the accessories that come with it such as keyboards, mice and music players. Apple however keeps pumping out new and different hardware products completely locked into their software platform almost each and every year under tremendous applause.

But imagine what would happen if Jobs was gone from Apple permanently. He is after all a liver transplant survivor, which has greatly affected his chances of leading a long and healthy life. After he dies (he'll never retire), how fast will the company go down the toilet? Jobs is still the master innovator at Apple, the one who makes it all work. The rest of the staff there couldn't innovate themselves out of a paper bag!

It'll be interesting to follow tthis one, especially with the corporate resistance against the latest version of Microsoft Office. Many more companies this time around are simply saying "no" to the upgrade and its associated costs.
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Don't know of any other person out there that has had so much success like this.
Thomas Edison?

Their personalities weren't that much different either. Except maybe that Jobs never tried to rip off Wozniak like Edison had done to Tesla (which Edison later regretted).
I stand corrected.

Jobs, you owe Woz some cash. Pay up! :)

The comparison between Henry Ford and Bill Gates is pretty good. A personal computer with its complexity can be a bit overwhelming in the hands of the ordinary person, just like the Model T was at the time before all cars adopted today's greatly simplified but entirely functional control layout. The following video starting at 5:08 will better explain what I mean.

In a way, Steve Jobs is creating the standard set of SIMPLE controls that had been missing from all computers since the very beginning, just like the simple controls Cadillac had introduced in their cars, and which were adopted by other manufacturers.
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