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Apple Now World's Largest Tech Company

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Apple's market capitalization hit $222 billion on Wednesday, leaving it ahead of rival Microsoft as the largest technology company in the world when the closing bell rang on Wall Street.

The dethroning of Microsoft now makes Apple -- for now -- the second largest American company, behind only Exxon-Mobil. Apple has a ways to go to catch the oil giant, which has a market capitalization of nearly $280 billion

While market cap is but a single metric, it's an interesting factoid all the same...
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Some interesting P/E data for some of the companies mentioned:

AAPL: 20.72
MSFT: 12.93
XOM: 13.49
IBM: 11.99
As the numbers show, there is still, and always will be, a lot of emotion in stock price.

AAPL is the darling right now and people will buy it just because it is AAPL.
I don't see Apple's resurgence having anything to do with MSFT's legal woes.

The iPod saved Apple.

They have, to their credit, been able to leverage that into multiple generations, the iPhone, etc. and I would argue that their laptop and desktop sales have been pulled along in the draft. I'm too lazy to look up the actual numbers but I'm pretty sure this is true.

Now that they are all hip and cool, people want to have an Apple product and own Apple stock, hence the price premium.
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