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Apple now the global leader in sales of mobile computers

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Apple surpassed HP in worldwide sales of mobile computers in the second quarter of 2011 according to a recent report by Displaysearch.

The research company is reporting that shipments of Apple mobile computers surpassed 13.5 million units in the April to June timeframe, an increase of 136% over the same period of 2010.

Four out of five of the mobile PC shipments were iPads, which reached over 10.7 million units, an increase of 107% over Q2 2010. Sales of Apple’s notebook and tablet PCs were 3.9 million units.

Displaysearch says tablet PCs such as the iPad, Motorola Xoom and Samsung Tab, have replaced netbooks as the engine of growth for the mobile PC industry. Tablet shipments in the second were up nearly 70% when compared to the first quarter and more than 400% when compared to the second quarter of 2010. Total tablet sales in the second quarter were nearly 16.4 million units.

Tablet PC shipment results show that even after removing Apple from growth rate calculations, worldwide tablet PC shipment growth reached 25% in the second quarter when compared to a year earlier, and shipments of non-Apple tablets reached over 5.6 million units for the quarter.

Notebook PC shipments were up 2% over the previous year nearly 48 million units shipped in the second quarter. Worldwide mobile PC shipments, including notebook and tablet PCs, reached 64.4 million in the quarter, up 10% from the previous quarter and 28% from Q2 2010.

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