This Tuesday, Apple made a move in their quest to rule the online music streaming world and made Apple Music, the company’s music streaming service openly available to Google’s Android users.

So, if you have a mobile phone that operates on an Android operating system and you’d like all the musical love that Apple has to offer, you’re in luck.

Why the change? Apple used to do it differently. iTunes, the company’s uber-popular online music store has been offering consumers paid musical downloads since 2003.

But the general wave of consumers is now favouring streaming services, over downloads. Consumers want to pay for a monthly subscription and listen to as much music as they want, free of ads for a low monthly cost of about $10.

Apple Music’s Android customers will have access to the same three-month free trial period iOS and desktop users have been able to use since the service was launched.

According to a report in the Globe and Mail, it is available in all countries that have iOS app, except China, which Apple has promised is coming soon.

Of note: this early beta version of Apple Music only allows for music streaming and does not let users watch music videos, redeem gift cards or sign up for a family membership.

The Globe’s report states that it is unclear if the iTunes store will be available to Android users, but Apple Music recognizes users who have bought from iTunes and can make it available to stream if consumers use the same account.

Want to listen? Go to Google Play for more details.