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Apple Beats Microsoft by $4Billion in Quarterly Revenues

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Remember all the "market cap" talk in this thread: Apple Now World's Largest Tech Company ? It was painful for MSFT supporters to deal with, and many of them scoffed at the significance. Now Apple has beaten the pants off of Microsoft in quarterly revenues by four billion U.S. dollars!

Is there any wonder that CNN Money published this scathing article that essentially calls for Steve Balmer's head:
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That was a great article from CNN Money. Right on the mark, and refreshingly candid. With a damning employee confidence survey and a rapidly vacating executive floor, the noose is tightening.

Before Apple zealots get too happy over the market cap and revenue stats, remember that MS still vastly outperforms in margin contribution and their YOY revenue growth remains very impressive. The growing displeasure with investors (and the driver for plummeting share value) is the way that they vapourize all that Office/Windows profit in non-core competencies such as mobile, search and entertainment.
Looks look the noose is really tightening! Ballmer is liquidating 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS of Microsoft shares.

This is far more than living me it's clear that he believes MSFT has peaked and he's getting out while the gettings good. (the irony that the share value has cratered under his watch is not lost on me)
It seems to me that Microsoft is just reacting to the market and has no real leadership in any segment of the home entertainment market. I would not be surprised if after most of the business end of the market gets on 7 and sticks with it for the next 6-8 years. Microsoft will reach a layoff/downsizing crisis that will put the state of Washington in financial crisis...they just rebuffed a personal tax to pay for services because of gobs of lobby money from Microsoft!
That's pretty much the case. Microsoft didn't invent Kinect, it was realized by a third party company that shopped the technology around, and it was rejected by companies like Apple.
Yeah, since Werner Klemperer is dead, that might be a good second choice.
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