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Apple Beats Microsoft by $4Billion in Quarterly Revenues

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Remember all the "market cap" talk in this thread: Apple Now World's Largest Tech Company ? It was painful for MSFT supporters to deal with, and many of them scoffed at the significance. Now Apple has beaten the pants off of Microsoft in quarterly revenues by four billion U.S. dollars!

Is there any wonder that CNN Money published this scathing article that essentially calls for Steve Balmer's head:
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Have you guys gone bonkers? ;)

I think it finally happened. We'd all been expecting it for a while now, but not quite so suddenly or emphatically: Steve Ballmer has gone completely insane.

It happened at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference. Somebody must have asked him why Microsoft waited three years before attempting to take on the iPhone and Android with Windows Phone 7. According to CNN, Ballmer replied: "We're early; there's no question we're early.... I think we kind of nailed it. When you see it, you just go 'ooooh'." target=
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