On April 24th, Apple announced that customers had downloaded more than one billion iPhone and iPod touch applications from its App store. Today, just five months after announcing the billionth download, Apple said it had reached the 2 billion download mark.

In about 20 weeks, Apple customers have downloaded 1,000,000,000 applications which translates into almost 50 million per week, 7 million per day, 295,000 per hour or just over 80 apps per second!

In addition to massive downloads, the number of programs on the App store continues to swell. On April 24th, Apple reported having 35,000 programs for sale. By July 14th, that number had grown to 65,000 and today it stands at more than 85,000.

In case you don't yet know, the App Store is a section of Apple's iTunes online store where 50 million iPhone and iPod Touch users can browse and download applications for their digital device.

Applications are available to purchase or free of charge. Paid apps typically range in price from 99 cents to $9.99 although some specialized apps may sell for much more. The applications can be downloaded directly to an iPhone or iPod Touch or indirectly to personal computer via iTunes.

Apple says 70% of revenues from application sales go to the developer with the remaining 30% going to Apple.