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i had rogers Home phone and the buzzer in my apartment was working fine, since i switched to vonage, but buzzer doesn't work atall, when i press the buzzer code it says " the fone is in the wrong POTS or something, i tried different scenario's

1. only fone plugged into the wall jack, it rings when i press the buzzer in lobby but actually my phone doesn't ring.

2. when i plugged in with vonage phone line " it says , not plugged into correct POTS or something".

i'm sure mine is old building , so it's hardwires intercom, i tried my best to get some information with management of building but they seem to behave like dumbs who don't know anything abt how intercom works.

we have a partyroom in our building which has a old style phone and the buzzer works fine without a acutal phone line, now i wonder why does't the same scenario work for me when it was actually working with rogers phone, btw.. rogers used a sittelle intercome interface for it which i had to return with the modem.

any help or device which makes the buzzer work for me would be really appreciated as i badly need it working.


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There is usually one dedicated outlet in the apartment for the intercom phone and you can usually plug a regular phone into that outlet and then it should ring and you should be able to talk, assuming the Vonage installation didn't mess with that outlet. Perhaps Rogers knew how to keep that outlet/system working properly. I understand that there is hardware available to handle this scenario, but it must be used properly and may depend on your voip/cable phone provider.

With some newer apartments, the console can be made (programmed) to call a number (your cell or your Vonage number), but if it's an older apartment that has not had the console upgraded, this may not be possible. The building management should know if this is possible. For now, make sure all the people coming to see you have a cell and can call your Vonage or Cell number when they arrive.

If the console cannot be programmed, you may wish to call Vonage and ask them to (help you) make it work since it appears they (or you) caused the issue? Your scenario has happened a lot as people dropped Bell landlines.
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