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I currently have Fibe 10 and while Bell being far from my favorite company, I do have to admit the speed is pretty good.

I'm curious if anyone has gone from one of the Fibe profiles (be it 10,12,16 or 25) and have gone to Teksavvy and have noticed much of a difference. Of course I know there is to consider the added benefits of having Teksavvy's bandwidth cap of 300gb. Im constantly close to the 75gb I have with Bell at the moment and the only reason I dont surpass it is because I monitor my usage.

Points of concern for switching:

- Going down from 10mbps to 5mbps (I want to use Netflix with a VPN)

- Teksavvy's servers are in Ontario ... will my first hop add a lot of latency? (I use remote desktop access through a VPN for work when needed)
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