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Anyone know if/when Orleans will get Fiber25?

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A part of Ottawa east that is?

Apparently many area around us has in but Orleans does not .... according to Bell World in Orleans.
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I see some bell trucks installing some boxes in the ground around my area. I also seen the same thing in another area. I believe we will have it soon. Rogers offers 50 Meg in our area, they have to do something to be competitive.
Well ... Orleans (Ottawa area) has got some Fiber to Node, I believe.

I have Fiber16 at home now. The speed is excellent! I get around 18mb down but only 650k upload. The delay in online games has dropped from 85~90 msec to 40~45 msec. The server's I usually play on are in the Chicago area.

Very happy ... except for the 2Wire Modem/Router. Finally figured out how to use it with my Linksys Router!

The installed said I was running copper to just around the corner then fiber after that.

Now I am a happy camper ...LOL
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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