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Anyone having issues with Santa Tracker ?

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When going to the Santa tracker on my guide, it waits for a minute and then tells me "Santa Tracker requires an Optik Internet subscription. Call blahblah to subscribe."

I have the Optik Internet and TV package. Any ideas ?
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Just a wild guess but maybe it's too early? I mean he's not too far up north of us cause everyody knows Santa is from Canada... ;)
No....... Gretzky is from Canada. Santa is from The North Pole ;)
I have used it, it has numerous choices of festive things to do and see:

Movies, 5 different Christmas movies for rent.
Read-a-longs, 6 different stories to read with sound and animation.
Naughty or Nice game, questions for your kids to see what list you will be on.
Santa Tracker
Sing-a-longs, 21 Christmas songs to sing to.
Santas Workshop, animated action from Santas workshop.
Games, 3 games
Rudolph Radio, 3 different Christmas radio stations - Traditional, Smooth Jazz and French.

Nice little offering from TELUS, I'd call and ask why yours doesn't work.
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No....... Gretzky is from Canada. Santa is from The North Pole ;)
According to a Facebook poll, Santa's from Finland :eek:
Apparently Telus is aware of a problem with the Santa Tracker that affects some customers on a bridged network setup. They are working on a fix for those people, but don't have an ETA.

Customers with a routed network setup (i.e: DLINK RG) can reach the application without issue.
Thanks for the info. I'm using a black "telus" box from the wall, to a d-link router. Probably going to call and ask them to switch out the router for the newer version, as this one doesn't allow the wired stuff to talk with the wireless stuff.
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