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I am also considering this TV. I have seen it locally and the picture looks quite nice, even well off to the side. It has a matte screen, which would be good for our bright livingroom. In our case we really want it to use as a TV. We have a projector and 115" screen for watching movies. It seems like a good basic TV without all that internet stuff.

The other TV we looked at was the Philips 55PFL5505. It uses a Samsung panel and people who own them seem quite pleased with them. I have heard it said that they are dull and they don't seem to be as vivid as many of the other TVs on display. BUT! If you go look at the display showing a TV before calibration and one after calibration, guess which one looks most like the Philips. So maybe Philips just did not provide an eye popping vivid super dupper dynamic mode for in-store display purposes. By-the-way, the online images of this TV make the border look blue. The border is black. You may also find it interesting that there are two Philips employees who regularly post in the "Philips 55pfl5505 need some feedback" thread on another website. They have been providing firmware updates before they are available on the Philips website. How's that for hands on after sales service. Philips TVs are quite highly rated in Europe, if that means anything.

On one very popular website for buying stuff, I found the following ratings for various sizes of LG xxLD520 TVs.

32LD520 - 5.0 stars - 1 review
42LD520 - 4.0 stars - 20 reviews
47LD520 - 4.4 stars - 10 reviews
55LD520 - 5.0 stars - 2 reviews

From what I have read the LD520 TVs are very good for gaming due to very low lag in game mode. Better than the Samsung TVs from what people are posting.

For some reason everytime I start looking at this TV at BB or FS the sales people try to steer me towards the Samsung 120Hz LCD TVs. From reading reviews it does seem that LG TVs are more likely to have a problem right out of the box. But you have 30 days to return the TV at either of the big box electronics stores, so that should not stop you.

I am keeping an eye on the market because our Hitachi 53" 4:3 RPTV blows a driver chip every few years and it is not under warranty anymore. It is due to crap out anytime now. I would probably replace it with the LG 55LD520 which is on sale right now for $1500, unless it is close to Christmass and we decided to call it our gift from Santa. In that case I would be tempted to consider the 55LD650 which is a nicer looking TV and it has better specs. It also has all that internet stuff, but for me the motivation would be the possibility of a better image and a nicer looking TV in my livingroom.

I must admit that for some reason I always seem to end up looking at the plasma TVs when I am in the store. I suspect I like the image better and find the moving images more pleasing and natural looking. The heat of the screen and the gloss of the glass keeps me from really considering them. But I just can't seem to keep my eyes of that LG 60PK550. It is such a good price and the reviews have been very good.

Of course there is always the urge to look at the new LED TVs. The LE5300 series is like the LD520 series in that it is a TV with a nice image and does not come with all the internet stuff. It too has the usual LG matte screen. Now if you want the LED and all that internet stuff then the LE5400 series TVs are often on sale.

OPPS! I seem to be very suseptible to price creeep. :rolleyes:

The fact is the LG 47LD520 and the 55LD520 I see at the local stores look pretty nice and would make a great upgrade from our aging CRT RPTV.
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