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I'm posting a response to this closed but unsolved thread:

Because my 8300HD..about the same age... showed the very same problems on the very same day...the morning after my pvr was upgraded with firmware by Rogers.
According to Rogers, I am the only one. So far they are only responding to the lag problem. I really need to hear from others with this same problem so we can get support from Rogers.

I already have a second pvr as a rental. I can't afford to buy a new one.

Please let me know if you are having the same issue~

PVR slow and unable to record - time for new HDD
I have had my 8300Hd for 6 years and upgraded the internal drive after the first year to 320gb drive. yesterday it crashed and tried to reboot it self constantly and kept saying checking/preparing the pvr. The info data pages shows some corruption of the hard drive, so I did a hard reformat, the cable box seems to work (can watch and change channels) but the PVR does not record and is very slow when I try to get into the pvr menu.

Firmware upgrade sticky:
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