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This is getting very annoying. Studios releasing movies not in order, or sometimes never release them at all.

Warner, for example, have released Return to the House of Haunted Hill several years ago. Anybody body know when they will be releasing House of Haunted Hill (remake version)? The only thing worse than not releasing a sequel is not releasing the original movie that precedes the sequel.

The same goes with Tomb Raider... where is Tomb Raider II?
MIB, Bad Boys... where are the part II?
Lethal Weapon 1, 2 have been released (albeit in atrocious transfers) but where is part 3?

Studios complain that there is not enough people embracing Blu-ray, yet they're pulling this stunt all the time. Even I don't feel like supporting the studios anymore; and I'm a person who buys movies like there's no tomorrow.
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