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Any news about SNET-1 on Eastlink?

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I just noticed that 19 of the last 30 Jays games will be broadcast on the new SNET-1, which I've seen no indication Eastlink intends to carry.

I can't call customer service today because it's Sunday, so I thought I'd ask around here.

This could be a real deal breaker for us, since this is one of the few reasons we have cable. I'm hoping we're going to be able to find these games through someone in PEI.
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SNet 1 is advertising now on Rogers News 95.7 in Halifax that we'll get more canucks games in Halifax!!! OH YEAH!!!

Well.. except..

"NHL regional restrictions do apply for Rogers Sportsnet ONE, as Canucks games are available only to viewers in BC and the Yukon Territories."

Also nice to see that the URL says sens.. :rolleyes:
as of two days ago, Eastlink still haven't come to terms with SP1. this from an e-mail read to me by a CSR when i phoned to see why we weren't able to see the pre season game scheduled for that day.

i asked about the regular season schedule pertaining to the games on SP1, and as with above, still unresolved. way to put the cart before the horse guys!!!!:mad:
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