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Any channels broadcasting the Vikings-Giants game tonight?

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I'm wondering if the local Fox affiliate carried by Rogers (or Bell) will be broadcasting this game - isn't southern ON technically part of the NY home market?
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USAToday Comment on TV Coverage

To protect ESPN's Sunday night exclusivity, Fox's relocated Vikings-Giants game tonight in Detroit will only go to those teams home markets -- New York and the Twin Cities -- as well as Mankato, MN and Rochester, NY. And, of course, to DirecTV Sunday Ticket subscribers, who always get everything.
But NFL Network will re-air the game in its entirety at midnight ET tonight. Better than nothing.

So, NFL fans in Canada who get Fox from Rochester, NY are smiling.
Of course, Rochester MN! ;) Oh well, I had some GTA OTAers all excited there!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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