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Anthem to enter AVR marketplace

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Finally one of the best av companies in the world is breaking into the receiver market with product pricing to cover most everyones taste. Hopefully they can produce these with the same level of quality as their seperates. The MRX 700 would be the one I'm most interested in.

I've got one of their separates, and brother, it's underwhelming. The TLP-1 is proof that they don't hit home runs every time and it's not a lock that they will this time. AVR's are not exactly easy for medium to small companies, but I hope they succeed. Maybe I can trade this TLP in for one.
I have to agree with runnin'. This is no business for a company of Anthem's size, as Anthem has clearly demonstrated to me with their pre-pros. It costs a LOT of money to keep these up to date, and what I saw with their (not inexpensive) pre-pros is they haven't got the means to do it properly in a timely fashion. One thing I have learned in the last few years: FW updates rule. Ones that work and don't require a "computer scientist" to get working. As an Anthemite can see from my sig, I have no problem with Anthem gear per se. Let's just say I used to have more of it. :) But I am a USER above all, and sometimes you have to "downgrade" to functionally upgrade.

Of course, they might be outsourcing all the main stuff to one of the big (reliable) houses, and just essentially packaging and doing some "minor" assembly here. What counts as "made in Canada" is pretty flexible, there's lots of stuff that's merely assembled here enough to qualify for the apellation. With our high labour rates they don't have to do that much here to qualify. I don't know...
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read of this sometime ago, another forum. speculation it's outsourced. sherwood name surfaced (relaying this only). i'm sure the details will all come to light soon enough.

.. call them (anthem) .. maybe a DHC'er here will get journalistic. whats the worst they can say .? they'll probably welcome (enjoy receiving) interest, enquiry to their products.
I expect this is just a me too product brand label, Anthem released a projector last year as well I believe there probably just adding this in to have something. Especially for there distributors.

I love Anthem the sound produced from my Anthem AVM50v2 is amazing and its miles ahead of any AVR I've ever owned and I have owned some nice ones.
From what I've read, the MRX 300, 500 and 700 will be maufactured in China. The Anthem Statement MRX 900 will be made in Canada.
it's out

it's out to Canadian dealers as of now, any one see or hear one in action, call a few know places in Montreal and none have it, but they can offer pre-order it ...
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