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I have demoed the MRX line. Certainly a great accomplishment at these price points. Anyone planning on spending at these levels should definitely audition them. You will be pleasantly surprised at the performance vs Asian brands.

The 500 can run electrostatics and low efficiency 4 ohm speakers in STEREO. However these amps have nowhere near the current capacity of amps found in NAD AVRs. The lower MRX numbers for 5 and 7 channel operation are due to the limit circuitry being activated. I would suggest anyone running 4 ohm or electrostatics for both 2 channel and multichannel consider an outboard 2 channel amp to handle the 2 front speakers.

The cost of a MRX + 2 channel amp is about the same as a NAD AVR. So it gets down to ARC vs Audussey.

Hats off to a Canuck company.
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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