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Anthem AVR's

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I was looking at the Pioneer Elite SC line as a possible future replacement for my aging Onkyo (someone in a forum told me I have a "legacy" and it are getting old!

Anyway, I talked over the phone to my fave dealer who usually is a minor propagandist for all things "Elite" and he kinda surprised me by raving about the Anthem line of AVR's. He knows that I play a lot of 2 channel music and he thinks they have the best sound going.

Does anyone have any opinion on them? I noticed an earlier thread but that seemed to be in the early days of their development. Would really like to hear what people think on this one.
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Anthem engineers and support are really like no others. Instead of being walled off behind three layers of so-called support, they actually interact with customers. The "fast and furious" updates you mention are SOP for anthem. Nothing ships without bugs. Nothing. The only question is, do you want to wait many frustrating months for the company to admit the errors and issue an update or have it addressed quickly and without spin. David will confirm that they actually give a damn.

I've got an exotic power amp that I'm going to replace with an MRX700. I'll take the hit in absolute power happily because the ARC room correction will, I'm convinced, offer a big improvement in sound.
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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