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For the last 3-4 years I have had issues with my antenna/pre-amplifier. Intermittenly, every 3-4-5-6 weeks my TV does not receive a signal (black screen on all channels.
I go to the basement and disconnect the amplifier, the cable from the antenna and the power supply for at least 1-2 minutes. I let the wire of the amplifier touch the antenna cables comming in from the roof and usually after a few minutes playing around and disconnecting and reconnecting the signal works again and I can watch the channels again.
3-4-5-6 weeks later same thing again. Sometime it does not work and I leave it for a few days and then I repeat the procedure and eventually it works again.
What is wrong? I suspect water inflitration but its a normal antenna cable that goes all the way up to the antenna and is connected in the standard manner.

I think the pre-amplyfier is a channel master something (but its next to the antenna up around 8-9 meters in the air and its -10 degrees celcius outside) and the antenna is a 1byone 85 miles Digital which works fine when no blackout.

If I don't use the preamp I only receive 1-2 channels. If I use it, I receive about 20 channels but when its "shorted" I receive zero. I am handy and can do all fixes my self. I just don't know what to fix.

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