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Antec introduces Fusion Max premium HTPC Case

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this looks pretty sweet for those interested in building your own this fall.

Antec says the Fusion Remote Max is a premium home theater PC case that features a stylish aluminum front bezel with an LCD display and volume control, a built-in IR receiver and a quiet-running 140mm fan and noise-reducing design.

Also included is Antec's deluxe 56 button remote control and iMEDIAN HD media management software which lets users navigate stored media, adjust settings and play music, videos and other programs.

The case comes with a 17.8'' (H) x 17.6'' (W) x 16.5'' (D) frame so it should fit in a standard home theatre rack. Inside, the case offers space for motherboards up to standard ATX and features one 5.25'' external and four internal 3.5'' drive bays. Seven expansion slots and the ability to support dual graphics cards enable users to build an HTPC capable of supporting the latest games.

The Fusion Remote Max features removable HDD brackets with silicon grommets to reduce hard drive vibrations while a triple chamber structure separates the heat emissions of the power supply, hard drives and motherboard, allowing for quieter, cooler operation.

To further reduce heat around hardware components, the case's cooling system also comes with a side 140mm TriCool fan and one rear 120mm TriCool fan. An optional 120mm front fan mount guides air to the graphics cards, and built-in washable air filters avoid dust build-up, further improving the overall cooling of the system.
The Fusion Remote Max will retail for U.S. $249.95.
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The only thing I see wrong with this package is the inability to program the remote to run the power and volume of a different device. (Sage made this same mistake with their HD media extender)

I was really interested in this case as I already have an Antec NSK2400 which is the beginnings of the Fusion line and I have been happy with it. At the price they want for the Fusion Max, I can easily switch to a Silverstone case for a chunk less. If they were to sell a Max that did not include the remote and sold for less than $200, then I would be more interested.
I took a look at the picture but didn't check the dimensions. Since it's ATX I'm guessing it might have issues in a lot of setups.

I'm not a big fan of knobs on the case either.
I can live with the knobs.

On the case size front, it has the same footprint as the Fusion/NSK24xx. The only dimension that really changed was the height.
That case is a pig. I was kinda hoping they would go a little smaller.

I have an Antec Fusion Black and for the most part I love it. I only wish they would add the ability for a media reader. My other complaint with my case is the horrible choice of colour selection for the VFD. What dumbass thought that blue text with a blue backlight would be easy to read?? Those 2 issues aside, my case rocks and it is super silent.
I totally second Jeneral's comments.
I have the Fusion Black and it's a great case with the exception of the terrible LCD, blue on blue. Most of the time I run the case with the LCD off and I have also disabled the LED light for the power switch. Otherwise, with the right component selections this case is very quiet and great in a real HT room where you don't want extra noise or light (if you disable the bright blue lights on this case).
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