Just after 11pm EDT last night, Shaw Direct customers began informing Digital Home that they were once again receiving their high definition television signals meaning Telesat's Anik F2 satellite is now back on the job.

The HD signals disappeared just after 6:30 AM EDT on Thursday when the satellite experienced a "technical anomaly" that resulted in loss of satellite services to its customers.

Anik F is one of the largest, most powerful communications satellites ever built. In addition to delivering HD television signals to Shaw Direct its used by Northwestel, the primary telecommunications provider of the North.

The satellite malfunction also left communities across Nunavut, N.W.T. and Yukon without long distance calling and data service. Even radar service north of the 54th parallel was put off-line and the normal communications systems between aircraft and the ground stopped working.

The reason for the malfunction is not known at this time but several experts surmise it was a large solar flare that caused the satellite to shut down and turn away from the earth. Telesat spent the day returning the satellite to its proper position and normalizing operations.

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