ThinkFlood, makers of the Redeye universal remote controller, this week announced a beta version of its smartphone app compatible with Android phones and tablets.

The Red Eye infrared remote connects to your home's network via WiFi and allows iPhones, iPads, personal computers and now Android devices to function as remote controllers for any IR enabled device in your home theatre.

The beta RedEye app for Android is compatible with networked RedEye products (RedEye and RedEye Pro) and can be downloaded from here . The app does not yet work with the RedEye mini.

In order to use the app, users will need to enable installation from “non-Market” or “unknown sources.” To do this, open the main Android settings, select the Application section, and then make sure the “Unknown sources” box is checked.

If you download directly onto your Android device, the application will install right away. Alternatively, you can download to a PC and then transfer to your Android device using a USB cable.

Thinkflood says the app will supports devices running Android OS 1.6 and later, including Honeycomb (3.0) for tablets but because there are so many combinations of Android OS software and devices, the company says it can`t guarantee it will work on all Android devices.

Finally, configuring RedEye hardware still requires an iOS device. Thinkflood says the ability to perform setup from an Android handset will come in a later version of the app.

"We love the amount of choice and flexibility that the Android platform brings, but with these opportunities there are also challenges," said Thinkflood President Matt Eagar, "In particular, with so many different handsets and operating system versions, it is virtually impossible to test every configuration. For this reason, we chose to keep the app simple and to release a beta version first. As we gather feedback from our beta testers, we can be more confident with regard to handset compatibility and incorporate more advanced functionality to the point where the Android app matches all the features of our current iOS app."

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