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American TV shows sweep first week of the season

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Despite hundreds of millions of dollars annually in government subsidies, Canadian made television shows failed to make a dent in last week’s primetime ratings.

BBM Canada reports that the top fifteen shows in Canada during the first week of the fall television season were all produced in the United States.

The most watched show last week was The Big Bang Theory which attracted 3.1 million viewers. The Big Bang Theory , which airs on Thursdays, originates from CBS in the United States and is rebroadcast in Canada on Global TV.

The ratings agency found that CTV was the top rebroadcaster with eleven of the fifteen most-watched prime time programs during premiere week. CanWest Global captured the remaining four spots in the top 15.

The following were the Top 15 television programs in Canada during premiere week.
  1. The Big Bang Theory (CTV, Thursday) - 3,112,100
  2. House (Global, Monday) - 2,699,300
  3. The Mentalist (CTV, Thursday) - 2,642,500
  4. Criminal Minds (CTV, Wednesday) - 2,639,400
  5. Grey’s Anatomy (CTV, Thursday) - 2,528,400
  6. Survivor (Global, Wednesday) - 2,483,000
  7. Dancing With The Stars (CTV, Monday) - 2,479,000
  8. The Amazing Race (CTV, Sunday) - 2,437,900
  9. CSI: NY (CTV, Friday) - 2,324,600
  10. Glee (Global, Tuesday) - 2,180,200
  11. Hawaii Five-0 (Global, Monday) - 2,136,400
  12. Blue Bloods (CTV, Friday) - 2,126,000
  13. Dancing With The Stars (CTV, Tuesday) - 2,086,200
  14. Castle (CTV, Monday) - 1,921,300
  15. The Defenders (CTV, Wednesday) - 1,915,200
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Canadian shows cannot compete with the US shows because of the publicity and the community nature of people wanting to watch the shows that their friends watch. We should focus on bringing our shows out in the summer or winter to give them a good chance. Look at how good Rookie Blue did.

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The best Canadian shows aren't on the regular networks they're on the specialty networks, except for the excellent Republic of Doyle and The Tudors on CBC.

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I agree with puting Canadian shows on in the summer. Flashpoint was picked because of that and has now been picked up and is a regular show now.

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"The ratings agency found that CTV was the top rebroadcaster..."

Ha ha ha, what a title to have... top rebroadcaster. That's like saying you won a participation medal at the Olympics or something. How sad.
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