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Amazon Launches Cloud Storage and music streaming to Smartphones in U.S

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Amazon's new Cloud Drive online storage service allows customers to store music in the cloud and, in the U.S., stream it to an Android app or through a Web browser.

Cloud Drive, announced Tuesday, offers 5GB of free storage for documents, pictures, videos and music, with more storage available for a fee. Using Amazon Cloud Player for the Web or Amazon Cloud Player for Android, U.S. users can stream the stored music and play it on Macs, PCs and Android smartphones and tablets.
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Signed up earlier this morning. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Still prefer dropbox for syncing capabilities.
I think this could be the future for purchased music. Having access to your music anytime anywhere is great. Especially when you can load music from most any source and listen on any device regardless of how much storage it has.
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