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Amazon Kindle - Web Browsing in Canada? YES.

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Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi $189.00

I'm interested in Amazon's Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi because it comes with free internet access. This means I can access the internet outdoors or while on the move.

But I'm unsure if full web browsing is available for Canadians. I want to do the following on a kindle while in the park or in a bus:

- read/send email (yahoo, hotmail)
- read news (cbc, cnn)
- read/post on forums (eg digitalhome)

Can I do the above/access the above sites in Canada on Amazon's free wireless? :confused:

Kindle comes to Canada without browser
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I've been using their Web Browser since I bought my Kindle about a month ago. With a Canadian address. I thought I read that one of the firmware upgrades had made it available to Canada. It's under "experimental" in the menu. Works on some Web sites. Don't know about Email. I can access Digital Home to read although I use bookmarks for certain forums to speed things up. Google, etc work fine.
Yeah, you can definitely due limited browsing in Canada with the Kindle2.
Thanks for the info, andyk and rsambuca. This is really great, if I can do limited browsing, I think I would want to buy a Kindle.

Neither of you confirm if Kindle can browse yahoo mail or cbc news, this would be the primary reason why I want to the free internet access capability on the kindle besides reading a book, are you able to confirm Kindle can browse yahoo mail and cbc news :confused:

Thanks :)
I use it to check Yahoo Mail. I assume cbc works, especially if it has a mobile edition.

Keep in mind that surfing is slow and ugly but it works and its free.
Thanks for the confirmation, james. I'm aware that surfing is slow and ugly, they don't call it experimental browser for no reason. I guess this means no flash support or other fancy stuff. The other downside is Kindle has no colour, at least for now.

But because it is free, I'm not complaining. I need a ebook reader that let me check yahoo mail and read some news for free.
Gmail works. Send and receive. It also works on my (dumb) cellphone. I don't use Yahoo.

Tried CBC news. Doesn't work very well. I'm waiting a long time for 700K+ and then just seeing menus. But it sent 20 pages and there are stories past page 3. Confusing. So I guess it works.

Also, remember they can take away the free wireless any time or charge for it. It's on the second page of the user agreement in the v5 user guide - wireless section. I'm using it on a very limited basis when I'm out. I haven't had any charges yet.

Thanks for the information. I guess this experimental browser cannot render the web pages properly but if it let me read the news, it is good enough since it is free. I see now why Amazon only 'advertise' wikipedia and nothing else.

That's good to know about the user agreement. If they don't charge and the web browser improves, the Kindle will be great value for consumers.
Also, remember they can take away the free wireless any time or charge for it. It's on the second page of the user agreement in the v5 user guide - wireless section. I'm using it on a very limited basis when I'm out. I haven't had any charges yet.

That's what I'm afraid of, if people start using it as a cheap browser, I can see them taking away the free wireless real quick. I bought my Kindle as a book reader and love the fact I can search the book store and buy at no extra cost anywhere. I wouldn't be sad at all if they took the rest away ust as long as I keep free access to the Amazon site.
If you look at the product description of the new Kindle you will see:

New WebKit-Based Browser – Free 3G web browsing (experimental)
So, hopefully it won't be as ugly as the current version.
After playing with the new Kindle for a few days, it's still a little slow (web browsing) but it's no longer ugly.

Many great new improvements to the new Kindle and web browsing is one of them.
My wife's Kindle DX (new graphite one) has an issue where once it goes to sleep, it can't get back onto the 3G network until it's rebooted. Then it's fine.

Odd thing is, we were just in the US, and it didn't have a problem there waking up to 3G connectivity. Only here in Canada. And it's not a bad Rogers signal - Rogers 3G (and actually, all of the networks) are very strong where we're located. Plus, it's happened everywhere all over here in Canada.

Too bad this isn't an Apple product, so people would be screaming for a recall, and maybe we'd end up with a free case out of it or something. ;)
In order to save battery life, I always turn the wireless option off before putting it into sleep mode so I've never had an issue with 3g.
So, when you switch the 3G back on, does it always come back without fail?
When I had the Kindle2, I never had a problem with the 3G. So, I'm wondering if she got a dud? If this is a problem exclusive to the DX?

BTW, good luck getting an answer on such a thing from Amazon "support". They go through a lot of trouble to make it difficult to be able to make direct contact with support personnel.
When I unsleep the Kindle (for lack of better term) and turn the wireless back on, it's fine.
I opted for the $139 wifi only 6" Pearl screen Kindle 3. Having lived with the Kindle 2 since last November, and the Kobo since last May, I am very pleased by the screen contrast. I use the browsing rarely, but it is a nice to have. The reality is I use the Kindle at home or on holiday and wifi is available whereever I happen to be. So I saved the $50 and invested that in the lighted cover -- which turned out to be another surprise. It actually works well enough on its own at night and is much less disturbing to the other half than leaving a reaading light on.

I recommend the Kobo to anyone wanting to support a Canadian e-reader, wants DRM ePub access and public library access; and the Kindle 3 to everyone else.

The new model Sony ereaders, announced yesterday, will be shipping to Canada soon, but none of the models announced for Canada so far have wifi or 3G, although they do have the Pearl screen and a touch interface. The probelm is the 6" screen is $249 -- considerably more than the Kindle or Kobo (and the Kobo is likely to be sold at $99 or $129 any day now making the gap even wider).
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Is web surfing using Kindle 3 3g (not wifi) available in Canada?

Can anyone confirm that I can connect with 3G and surf the web using Kindle 3 in Canada? Thanks.
Response given is correct. But it is very slow and does not do graphics well. Good for emergency only. An as stated before, I believe Amazon will close it down if it is abused. Is a little better with wifi. But still not great (kindle 3). I had a DX graphite as well and same results. I found the DX just to big now I am stuck with a case for the DX (hint, hint).

For me the best deal is the Wifi only not the 3G+Wifi edition (I have both).
Not for emergency only. I use it every day for email and pre and post stock market quotes, stories.

Can be slow but it's free so can't complain.

Bookmarking sites and using mobile versions make it a much better experience.
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