The news is out. Amazon is selling its own private-label clothing , some of which is made in Canada.

The electronic commerce and cloud computing company has launched 7 fashion brands by the names of Franklin & Freeman, Franklin Tailored, James & Erin, Lark & Ro, North Eleven, Scout + Ro, and Society New York, and is said to be preparing for more.

The step forward comes after Amazon bought up various online fashion stores, including ShopBop, MyHabit, and EastDane, and sponsored New York Men's Fashion Week for the first time, last year.

While the list of items being sold ranges from men's shoes to women's scarves and children's clothing, for men, the biggest draw may be the affordable business wear now on offer.

According to, Amazon’s Franklin Tailored is now selling men’s suits for about $300 USD. The suits are made from 100% nondescript wool and lined with synthetic fabric.

Men’s style blog Dappered is calling it a nice debut for Amazon in the clothing industry and states that the suits, which come in a variety of colours and one general fit, the Tracy, are of "decent quality, fair price, and nice to see something made in this hemisphere."

While the tuxedo in the line is said to be lacking in finesse, the suits are getting positive reviews in other places as well, which could lead to more good news for Amazon.

According to, “the new course could lead to Amazon eventually dethroning Macy's as the largest apparel retailer in the US.”

Amazon is reported to have listed a total of 1,800 products in a moderate price range, with styles reminiscent of UNIQLO or H&M.