Amazon Cloud Drive is now available for Canadian customers. users are now able to upload and store all of their digital files in the Amazon Cloud, and access them using Cloud Drive for Windows and Mac, or from any Web browser. They can also use Cloud Drive Photos for Google Android or Apple iOS devices to store, share and access photos from their Android phones or tablets and iPhones or iPod touch devices.

Amazon Canada said all customers get 5 GB of free storage, with additional plans starting $10 a year for 20 GB storage.

"Millions of customers around the globe have already discovered the benefits of Amazon Cloud Drive to safely store and manage precious files like photos, videos and documents," said Russell Dicker, director of Amazon Cloud Drive.

"With Amazon Cloud Drive, you can manage and access files across multiple physical devices and you don't have to worry about hard drive crashes. All of your content is stored safely on Amazon’s servers and is accessible from anywhere using a PC, Mac or web browser," Dicker adds.

Amazon explained that Cloud Drive for Windows and Mac includes File Sync, which automatically synchronizes files and helps customers easily store and manage their digital content in the Amazon Cloud from a folder on their computer. The app makes it simple for users to put files in Amazon Cloud Drive and access them from any of their computers, ensuring they always have access to the latest version of their files.

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