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Total amateur here seeking help on an audio setup. I will point out that I need bare bones advice on what I need to perform this project.

I have a noisy neighbor and want to place a line of speakers on the offending wall so I can play white noise to block their noise.

I want to hook up a speaker system (not home theater) to basically line the wall. I'm thinking good coverage will be 6 speakers (two in front corner of room, two in the middle and two in the rear corner) this will provide coverage to the entire wall and room.)

1] Can this even be done and can it be done cheaply? I am willing to go for low watt speakers on this to cut electric cost.

2] What type of equipment am I looking at?

If it can be done I have another issue that needs to be addressed.

I need the sound to be even across the 6 speakers (stereo sound) but want to have the ability to turn them on and off independently depending on the level of noise I need to combat. I will also need to move the signal. I will explain as best as I can.

The problem wall is on my left side. I want the speakers (3 of them) to run down the wall (front/middle/rear) On the other wall (right side) I will also have 3 speakers (same positions) At this point the sound would be equally distributed on both sides, providing me with stereo sound.

Let's say I want to turn off the entire right side and route the sound into the 3 left side speakers. I want to be able to send the signal to the left side providing me with stereo sound out of the left. How do I change the sound so that the 3 left speakers are now giving me stereo?

Thanks for your help.
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